Popcorn Manufacturing - By Saujas Modi and his group.

Popcorn is a treat we all enjoy and savor, whether it be at home or in large cinemas.


Popcorn is a food which easily comes from the farm to the home in an instant. We just have to pop the kernels in the microwave. We use this from movies to a quick snack at home, but we seem to forget the effort and manufacturing skills which go into making this delicacy we mostly take for granted. This snack is one that has to be checked continuously to be made. The process is hectic but is part of the process in which people can savor the snack. From being picked from the farm to being checked to packaging, popcorn requires a lot of skills and machinery to effectively refine it to the kernels we cook at home. Most of the work happens in the farm but the main part – eating it happens at home. This book will be a medium in which me and my group will get the information of the manufacturing process of popcorn information out to you. We will talk about the ways and skills workers use to manufacture popcorn. We will use pictures, text and other features to show you about popcorn and the ways people manufacture it. These will help show how popcorn is made. As the book goes on we will focus more on the places and techniques used to manufacture these snacks. Now come along and start reading on about how popcorn is made.

In - Depth

Popcorn Kernels go through several steps before becoming the saory things we eat.

  1. First, they harvest the Kernels from farms. They pick them out of actual corn.
  2. Second, they go through a cleansing machine for the first time.
  3. After that, the obvious problems get seperated and then it goes through the cleansing machine again
  4. Then, more of the "bad" kernels leave and get seperated
  5. Then, the packaging comes and the kernels go through a plastic sealer
  6. Finally, the completed packs go inside boxes and get shipped.

Now that is popcorn!